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An Unparalleled Scribe Experience

At Provider’s Choice we deliver a scribe experience that is tailored to the needs of our customers. We constantly communicate with our providers to get details on how they need their documentation completed and we work very closely with billing departments to find and correct any documenting short-comings that may be costing our customers billing opportunities.  Our motto is ABI (always be improving), as our scribes are taught to constantly be looking for ways to improve and refine the scribing process to make our customers more efficient.


Why You Should Use Provider’s Choice

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Provider Satisfaction
  • Improved Metrics
  • Captured Billing
  • Productivity/Efficiencies
  • Provider Retention


ED Support

All of our scribes are trained in both a didactic and clinical setting by trainers that have experience as either a scribe or medical personnel.

Inpatient Setting

Constant improvement, no successful process can remain successful unless it is constantly being refined. We work with the billing departments .

Job Description

The Medical Scribe acts as an extension of the provider. A scribe performs clerical duties as well as assisting with medical record recording.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for dedicated professionals seeking to make an impact in their community.

The Buzz About Us

Here is a glimpse of what people are saying about us

  • Having a strong and experienced scribe helps create a more efficient and functional work environment.
    Valued Customer
  • Provider's Choice should take great pride in their product. They continuously hire scribes that are very professional, motivated, and goal oriented. I can truly say this company and their employees help me be a better provider.
    Valued Customer
  • After not having a good experience with the product from another well known company, I was very reluctant to utilize scribes from a new company. Provider's Choice very quickly helped me again realize the benefits I had to gain from practicing with scribes who were properly trained and managed.
    Valued Customer
  • Provider's Choice has not only given me the opportunity to work with and learn from many medical providers, it has also given me the luxury of working for a company who truly cares for and respects its employees.
    Valued Team Member