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Medical scribes have numerous overlooked benefits that can improve the lives of physicians and patients alike. Medical scribes are responsible for record-keeping, note-taking, and other tasks that can alleviate physicians' time-consuming clerical work and other burdensome responsibilities, allowing them to improve the quality of care they can provide patients.

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What We Do

Provider’s Choice is the first choice in scribe services for healthcare providers nationwide. We deliver an unparalleled scribe experience by providing highly trained scribes and offering timely solutions for professionals in the medical field.

Our Services

Provider’s Choice delivers a scribe service tailored to your needs every time. Every customer requires a customized service, and at Provider’s Choice Scribe Services, we listen to the needs of our customers to deliver just that. Our accurate and complete documentation process helps our customers focus on what’s most important: their patients. We value being a part of your team and are ready to start helping today. Let us take on the task of documenting your patient encounters so that you can improve your healthcare organization for staff and patients alike.

Benefits of Medical Scribes

Hiring a virtual or on-site medical scribe can significantly improve employee productivity and the quality of patient care within any medical organization. Medical scribes can do the following:

– Improve Documentation
– Help decrease hospital pressures
– Improve patient throughput
– Improve patient satisfaction scores
– Improve physician satisfaction scores
– Improve physician efficiency and decrease admission times from Emergency Departments
– And more!

Our Scribe Services

Virtual Scribe

Hiring a virtual medical scribe can be a timely and cost-effective solution for many healthcare providers nationwide. Utilizing our innovative virtual platform, OCUMED Scribes, our virtual scribes provide the same real-time scribe documenting services as on-site scribes from a remote and secure location. All production using our virtual platform is completed in accordance with HIPAA regulations in a HIPAA-compliant facility.

On-Site Scribe

In-Person scribe services are designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical documentation by allowing trained medical scribes to work alongside physicians within various medical institutions around the nation.

At Provider’s Choice, we also work with billing departments to analyze any trends that need improvement, develop strategies to implement these changes and track the effectiveness of these changes.

Highly Trained Medical Scribes

Provider’s Choice stands out from competitors by matching highly trained, professional medical scribes with physicians and medical organizations around the United States. 

Our proven training method consists of both classroom and on-site clinical training.  All classroom training is carried out by our Management and is focused on all areas that make our employees the most highly trained medical scribes. 

Our Classroom Training Consists Of:

  • Extensive Medical Terminology review and testing
  • HIPAA Training
  • General Medical Documentation
  • Specific EMR Training
  • And more!

Training is reinforced with testing that must be passed prior to proceeding to the next stages. Physicians and healthcare organizations can rest assured that our scribes are highly trained and capable of performing all necessary duties to streamline the process of documentation and note-taking and improve patient care.

Want to Work For Us?

Become A Scribe

Medical students and individuals looking to gain hands-on education and experience within the healthcare field are eligible to become medical scribes.  The primary focus of our employees is to document all patient encounters efficiently and accurately for our customers. If you are interested in working alongside medical professionals as a virtual or on-site medical scribe, click here to get started.

Why Provider's Choice?


Accurate/Complete Documentation

Our scribes are highly trained to ensure accurate, complete documentation for healthcare providers, done virtually and in person.


Improved Provider

Medical scribes have the skillset necessary to improve productivity and maximize efficiency among healthcare providers.


Strong Customer Communication

Our providers can trust that our professional medical scribes will frequently communicate and remain transparent with customers. We have matched hundreds of healthcare providers with highly trained scribes – read below to see what some of our satisfied customers have said about their experience with Provider’s Choice.


Improved Satisfaction

Our scribes are trained to alleviate physicians of unnecessary responsibilities in order to improve care and maximize patient satisfaction rates.


Versed in All
Patient Settings

Our in-person and virtual scribes are able to work efficiently within any healthcare setting.


Heavy Management Involvement

Our team of helpful, experienced professionals will oversee all medical scribe training and duties to ensure that your organization’s needs are met.

What Our Clients Say

Provider Satisfaction

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Whether you are looking to hire a remote scribe to alleviate physicians of burdensome clerical duties or want to hire an in-person, on-site scribe to assist with in-house billing and record keeping, Provider’s Choice is here to help match you with a highly-trained, qualified medical scribe that will work to fit all of your organization’s unique needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about our virtual or in-person scribe services or to get in touch with a member of our team. 

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