Provider's Choice Scribe Uniform Instructions

Steps To Get Your PC Thredz Uniform

This page has been created to provide an overview of how to order your Provider’s Choice Scribe Uniforms from PC THREDZ. Please follow the steps below to access your special employee discount to PC THREDZ.

Scribe Uniform Styles











Review All Instructions Before Ordering

1. PC Thredz Provider's Choice Scribe Uniform Link and Password Below

2. Once on the page, you will have access to the Women's and Men's selected uniforms. This page will list all approved Provider's Choice Scribe Uniforms.

3. Select the desired tops/pants that you would like to order.

4. Please note, that each time you wish to add a new uniform to your cart you will need to do so from the special uniform link ( in order to receive access to the special pricing and shipping options. You can also use the 'back' button in the web browser to go back to the special discount page to add additional items to the cart.

5. Once all items have been added to the cart you will want to check out and ensure the appropriate 'PCSS Pickup' option is selected. Important Note: On the 'Cart' page add your zip code in order to activate the PCSS Pickup Option.

6. After you order has been received, you will receive notification emails/messages to confirm your order is ready for pickup/delivery.