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PCSS Virtual Scribing Platform

OCUMED Scribes

With our virtual platform, OCUMED Scribes, we are able to provide the same real-time scribe documenting services as our in-person scribes, but from a remote and secure location. All production using our virtual platform is completed abiding by HIPAA regulations in a HIPAA compliant facility.

What PCSS Provides:

  • A virtual scribe that will be familiar with your documentation preferences, EMR use, and charting requirements.
  • A 24/7 HIPAA compliant and secure facility where all employees will be documenting from. This facility is staffed with onsite management overseeing production at all times.
  • Electronic devices/tablets will be provided to customers from Zoom communication at no additional charge to the customer.
  • HIPAA compliant video call link via Zoom Healthcare Plan for each provider per shift.
    • All calls are encrypted using a unique Advanced Encryption Standard.
    • Meeting access is password protected.
    • No calls can be recorded.
    • Calls are locked and private for authorized personnel only.
    • Web and application access are protected by verified email and password.
    • Medical Scribe will login using a specific company email.
  • 24/7 IT support for employees assuring proper function of workstations and customer communication.
  • All scribe employees must have completed and successfully passed our proven training methods, a background check, and 30 hours of college work in a health or science major.
  • Continuous education for employees with testing covering medical terminology, EMR familiarity, and typing competencies.
  • Productivity, efficiency, patient satisfaction scores, accurate and timely chart completion are the main goals to be addressed.

What sets PCSS apart from other virtual services:

  • HIPAA compliant facility (Our employees don’t document from home).
  • Employee Training – our training method has been fine-tuned over several years and is continuously modified for efficacy and efficiency.
  • Management Presence – immediate and proactive response to concerns. Management will oversee chart production continuously on a daily basis.
  • Customized Charting – A service tailored to your needs.
  • Shift coverage guaranteed.
  • Rapid implementation.