About Us

Provider's Choice

Who We Are

At Provider’s Choice we deliver a scribe experience that is tailored to the needs of our customers. We constantly communicate with our providers to get down to the smallest of details on how they need their documentation completed.

We also work very closely with billing departments to find and correct any documenting shortcomings that may be costing our customers billing opportunities. Our motto is ABI (always be improving), as our scribes are taught to constantly be looking for ways to improve and refine the scribing process to make our customers more efficient.

Our customers are our priority. We continuously strive to better know the needs of our clients and anticipate any changes.

Our Mission

Deliver an unparalleled scribe experience by:

Our Vision

  • To become the first choice in scribe services for providers nationwide
  • Set and maintain the standard in scribe services

Core Values

  • Integrity: Be honest. Be reliable.
  • Customer Service / Commitment: Commit yourself to providing a service that surpasses the needs and expectations of your customers. Improvements can always be made. A happy customer is a loyal customer. Create a connection in every encounter. Customer service above all else.
  • Overdeliver: In everything you do. In your performance, in your efforts, in life, and in our product. Exceed any and all expectations. 
  • Stay Humble: Always give credit to others for a job well done and accept responsibility when things go wrong. Do not boast of your individual successes and accomplishments. Bragging is a sign of insecurity. There is never a task that you will be too good to tackle
  • Accountability: Accept responsibility for your actions and performance. See all tasks through to completion and do not shift blame on to others. 
  • Take Initiative: Just do it. Do not wait to be told to do something. Always push yourself to do what needs to be done successful in everything you do. Never be satisfied. Drive Change.  
  • Lead by Example: Lead from the front. Set the example of how to perform, how to grind, and how to treat others. 
  • Commit to Greatness: Never settle for mediocrity or for getting by. Take risks to become more, and never be afraid to lose. It is our losses that are our greatest teachers and motivators. Prove doubters wrong and live a life that most are not willing to achieve. 
  • Have Fun: If it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it. Plain and simple. Enjoy your work, enjoy your position, and enjoy the grind of striving to be more. 


Luis Chapa, MD

J.R. Rodriguez

Yoceline Aguilar