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The Top On-Site and Virtual Medical Scribe Companies of 2022

Having a virtual medical scribe provides invaluable assistance, especially in high-volume settings. Not only do they help physicans and other healthcare providers document patient encounters, they relieve the burden of other administrative tasks, making it much more likely that everyone within the medical system — providers and patients alike — remain fully engaged and satisfied. Most scribes are provided to facilities via a medical scribe company; this type of company manages a cadre of scribes, sending them out to various facilitates, as needed, when and where there is a need for better documentation management and increased patient face time. But not all companies providing on-site and virtual medical scribes are the same. Here’s what the top scribe companies promise:

Specialized Training

While there are no specific licenses needed to work as an on-site or virtual medical scribe, the best scribe companies ensure their scribes have proficiency across a wide variety of skills. Not only will they only hire the most competent candidates, they will further educate and train them. Medical scribing is a lot more than taking notes, so quality companies take the time to teach their scribes specialty medical terms, train them on HIPAA compliance issues and verify their computer, transcription, dictation and typing skills. Most importantly, they also provide actual clinical instruction, guaranteeing that whether needing an on-site or virtual medical scribe a company receives the most qualified person for the position!

Ongoing Management

One of the benefits of going through a scribe company to hire an on-site or virtual scribe is the initial placement and ongoing management of the scribe’s services that a scribe company provides. A top medical scribe company takes the time to match an individual scribe to every position it fills. It reviews the credentials needed for each job, as well as the culture and objectives of the hiring facility, and selects an on-site or virtual scribe with the needed skills, schedule and personality to complement those needs. Furthermore, top companies supply ongoing training and work to accommodate any necessary changes to their scribes’ schedules so that their customers are never without a scribe on hand. This means both scribe and customer are happy and, thus, more productive.

Complete Transparency

Finally, top companies make hiring scribes a financially-sound investment. They offer competitive costs that allow companies to maximize their resources and generate a healthy financial benefit. 

Provider’s Choice Advantage

Scribes and customers agree: Provider’s Choice is one of the top on-site and virtual scribe companies of 2022. Our dedication to superior service means the on-site and virtual medical scribes we place with customers always overdeliver. To learn more about using scribes to improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of care at your own facility, please contact us.

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