3 Medical Scribe Duties That Improve How Healthcare is Delivered

Professional medical scribes are being used by healthcare providers now more than ever. With an increase in patients and technological advancements, it is almost inevitable! And with an extensive list of medical scribe duties comes convenient workplace innovations that enhance the way patients receive their healthcare. But what are these duties? And how do they actually go about changing the way healthcare is delivered for the better?

Scouring for Data Information

Sifting through files and patient records is often one of the many various medical scribe duties that helps improve the way healthcare is delivered. By taking on the bulk of the research responsibilities that would otherwise fall on the provider’s shoulders, a great deal of time is saved on their part. This causes the patient’s entire visit to flow much more smoothly and will get them in and out of the office in no time at all–or at the very least quicker than they normally would have. This sort of fast and efficient healthcare delivery is the type of innovation that brings in new patients and sees old ones returning for satisfying results.

Lending a Hand Directly to Providers

While there are several medical scribe duties that require attention throughout any given day, their job is more or less centered around assisting the healthcare provider. This might include hands-on help with a patient, prep work, answering and making calls, IT functions (information technology), or literally anything else the provider might need from them. These things aren’t always needed, and if not it is best for the scribe to be as discreet as possible so as to not distract the provider from the patient, but having the ability to do so when called upon is advantageous. Having an assistant not only makes a provider’s life much easier, but the patient’s as well, giving them the best possible care they could ask for.

Accurate EHR Documentation

Perhaps the most important of medical scribe duties is the process of documenting patient and provider interactions as they transpire. Nearly all of a patient’s health records are recorded using EHR (Electronic Health Records), making it easily accessible and up to date. Because the scribe is the one taking the time to document this information instead of the provider being responsible for it, the provider can focus entirely on the patient. By doing so, the patient will receive both a more personal visit as well as a more focused set of eyes on their records, which only adds to their overall healthcare experience.

Improved Healthcare for All

Overall, medical scribe duties operate in tandem in order to reduce the amount of work for a provider, which gives them the ability to direct most of their attention on the patient. This is imperative for maintaining a productive work environment for all those involved, as well as preserving a healthy, professional relationship with each patient. Improving the way healthcare is delivered is an inevitable outcome when a top-notch scribe is involved.

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