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Things to Look for When Hiring Scribing Companies

Medical scribing companies supply healthcare providers with personnel who are able to assist with the federally-mandated electronic documentation of patient health records. Documentation is frequently a daunting responsibility, especially because the rise of telemedicine, a shortage of physicians, and a growing, as well as, aging population have all converged in a way that has doctors now seeing more patients than ever. With only a limited number of hours in a day, many physicians simply don’t have enough time to manage all the duties of their profession well. That’s where scribes come in. Medical scribes remove much of the burden of data entry so that doctors are less stressed and have more time to spend on actual clinical care. Here are a few things to look for when hiring scribing companies to help record your practice’s patient encounters:


There is no specific course of instruction that is required to become a medical scribe. However, one of the most important things to look for when hiring scribing companies is the type of skills they demand of their prospective employees. Top-notch medical scribing companies only hire qualified candidates, usually people with some previous background in the medical field (such as pre-med students working towards a degree). In addition, they provide an exclusive hands-on training program that further prepares their scribes to work across a variety of medical specialties. At Provider’s Choice Scribe Services, for instance, we look for people who are honest, reliable leaders and who possess the considerable interest and/or experience in healthcare. We then provide both classroom and clinical instruction so that our scribes are familiar with medical terminology, HIPAA regulations, a variety of specialties, and all relevant electronic medical/health record systems. Follow-up educational opportunities are also scheduled throughout the duration of a scribe’s tenure with us to keep everyone aware of any changes in insurance coding and medical treatments that might impact the scribe’s ability to perform his or her job with the highest level of accuracy and skill.


Of course, accessibility is another thing to look for when hiring scribing companies. Providers and scribes learn to work together efficiently. Thus, if a scribe is suddenly not able to cover a shift, providers can be left unprepared to tackle such a large workload on their own. A decent policy that clarifies how shifts will be covered is an essential thing to look for when hiring scribing companies. The best scribing companies assign backup scribes who are always available to cover a shift should the regularly assigned scribe become ill or otherwise unavailable.


Specialization is another key factor to consider when hiring scribing companies. At Provider’s Choice Scribe Services, we match specific scribes to specific positions. This ensures that our clients always receive the most skilled assistance available. An able body is never a good substitute for the right body for a job!


Finally, look for versatility when hiring scribing companies. Every provider, every practice, and every person has a unique way of doing things. The best scribing companies accommodate each and every one of them. Look for companies that can provide trained scribes in a variety of different specialties and ones that provide scribes who can work virtually, as well as on-site. The more options and services a company offers, the more likely it is that your practice will receive the type of assistance you need!

The Provider’s Choice Advantage

These are just a few of the things to look for when hiring scribing companies. To learn more about scribe services and how to pick the best one for your own specific needs, please contact our team at Provider’s Choice. Our rigorous hiring program and the care we take to match specific scribes to each of our clients’ objectives not only ensure enhanced efficiency, but also a healthy ROI for your practice or institution!

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