Virtual Scribe Companies

Virtual Scribe Companies Built by Providers for Providers

Virtual Scribe Companies Built by Providers for Providers

Experience breeds excellence. And excellence is what you expect when you hire a company to perform a task for you. In the virtual scribe business, real-world medical experience at the management level means consumers receive support centered on practical knowledge and skill. Virtual scribes exist as an extension of providers, after all, documenting interactions with patients that can — and do — have significant consequences; virtual scribe companies that have been built by providers using the knowledge they’ve learned through their own encounters with patients have a unique awareness of the role that accurate record keeping plays in improving patient care, which trickles down through their mission and values statement; their training practices; and the overall role that their scribes have in the healthcare process. Take a look at three reasons virtual scribe companies built by providers are better for providers, as well as for patients:

Their Employees Are More Skilled

The best virtual scribe companies train their scribes, providing both classroom instruction and clinical experience that are based on the practical knowledge of real-world doctors. Scribes going through these programs don’t just read a textbook or watch videos; they are expected to dig deep into relevant material, material that has been reviewed, chosen and amended to meet the standards of working physicians. As such, the employees of provider-led virtual scribe companies have a better understanding of what physicians really want and need to accomplish with medical documentation.

Their Employees Are More Intuitive

Furthermore, the scribes going through proprietary training programs are taught not only what to expect during patient encounters and the terminology used to describe them, but to appreciate the role that accurate information plans in improving subsequent patient care. In addition to recording specifics of a current encounter, proper medical transcription captures the patient’s entire history, including nonverbal nuances that could shed light on present and future problems. Provider-managed virtual scribe companies are skilled at teaching their scribes how to anticipate the details that more appropriately inform future care needs.

Their Employees Are More Engaged

Finally, virtual scribe companies that have been built by providers look for employees who love medicine and will be advocates for the profession they themselves hold dear. They hire honest, dedicated and energetic individuals who are reliable and strive to overdeliver with the hope and expectation that those people will represent the medical profession well, reducing physician workload and improving patient care because they are invested and interested in positive healthcare outcomes. Too often other scribe companies are in the business for monetary gain, using medical transcription as a way to bring in cash rather than help providers and patients. The best virtual scribe companies — usually the ones being led by physicians — exist to better the medical community at large by working hard and having fun!

Want to Learn More

The best virtual scribe companies are the ones built by providers because they know what the medical industry needs and how to provide it. Our physician-led management team here at Provider’s Choice Scribe Services works hard to deliver highly-skilled scribes who go above and beyond standard transcription practices. Our scribes love what they do and it shows.

Please contact us to learn more about using Provider’s Choice Scribe Services to improve your own medical documentation, ease the burden of your physicians and save time and money.

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